More Motorola Xoom 4G LTE news is coming out today. I guess I’ll start calling it 4G since the update is coming soon although we can’t call it the first 4G LTE tablet since the Galaxy Tab 10.1 stole that title. What we are seeing now is a Motorola Xoom with full 4G service in the notification tray below. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 looks a bit different and although this could just be fake, the possibility that it is real should excite a few Xoom owners.

Users have been patiently waiting for the 4G LTE hardware update to their Motorola Xoom tablets and last we heard it was coming sometime in September after the 4G Xoom made a pit stop at the FCC. September is right around the corner (like tomorrow) so we should be getting news any day now from our friends at Verizon or Motorola regarding the update.

Last we heard Motorola had started a little pre-run of the update and certain users were able to apply and start the upgrade process, but that it still was not ready for public use yet. It has been well over the 3 month time frame they gave when the Xoom was released so you’d expect them to have this all sorted out by now. Either way we are starting to hear reports that the upgrade has started, and a few users have already received the tablet back according to leaked photos from our source. More details should land shortly regarding the upgrade so stay tuned.

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[via androidcentral]