Looks like our favorite Android Tablet, the Motorola Xoom has got a new feature. You can read out review on the Xoom here. As usual the great developers over at XDA have got another trick up their sleeves. Developer Roebeet has hacked the Xoom to allow USB Hosting.

Roebeet is well known at XDA in the tablet area’s. He worked hard on the Augen Gentouch, and also on the G-Tablet by Viewsonic. The first three roms I flashed to my G-Tab were all by him. You will need to Root your Xoom for this little hack, but it will be well worth it.

I’ll send you to Roebeet’s instructions because it is a pretty involved procedure. If you are not comfortable messing with your brand new, shiny and expensive Xoom, you might want to pass on this. Adding USB Host feature will allow you to plug in USB drives for music and media, additional storage, wired keyboards, and many other things so this is a good feature to have. As always, do these changes at your own risk. Instructions can be found in this post.

[via XDA Forums]