Now that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has been announced and detailed, it’s time to once again focus on the next major smartphone we’re still waiting to learn about. And that is the rumored Motorola X-Phone. There’s tons of rumors floating around and many which we can’t give any credence to, but a few details that surfaced this afternoon were worth taking a second look at. It sounds like the X line of devices will compete with Samsung’s Galaxy range.

The rumor mill is turning at full force according to this report by Android and Me, much of which we think is extremely out of reach and nothing we’ll be seeing anytime soon. Motorola doesn’t let us unlock our bootloaders, replace our batteries, or anything else – so why would they let us customize our devices anytime soon? That’s basically where that rumor goes.

That being said, many aspects of the rumors and report seem very realistic and logical. Especially the parts stating the Motorola X-Phone isn’t just a phone, but part of a new branding strategy by Motorola. The Motorola X line is their new attempt to take on the Samsung Galaxy lineup. Just like HTC is doing with their One, and LG with the Optimus. Original reports from the WSJ stated Motorola have a next-gen X-Phone and X-Tablet in the works. So this makes sense to be their new line branding.

The report goes on to talk about customer customizable hardware, updates from Motorola, and even customize ringtone, wallpapers and more before even getting the device. That seems rather unrealistic, but you never know. Maybe that’s Google’s WOW factor we’ve heard their CEO’s talking about lately.


Last but not least it goes on to mention the devices being sold online starting in June, which makes sense and goes along with recent reports that Google will offer the X-Phone on the Play Store. In the end we feel like Google and Motorola will offer a few different models that vary on internal storage, and maybe a color or two, and that’s all. Most likely we’ll be seeing plenty more leaks in the coming weeks, and most likely we’ll learn all the details at Google IO in May, just in time for the phone to hit the streets in June.


  1. Great try to steal some Samsung Thunder that won’t happen. Right now the BEST Motorola device is the Razr Maxx Hd how much better can the Motorola Xphone really be??. And even if is trumps the Galaxy S4 in certain areas and I that’s a very faint maybe it won’t top the Galaxy Note 3 that’s for sure. My current Galaxy Note 2 is the GOLD STANDARD in the tech game today the BEST ultimate all purpose productivity device ever made since the inception of android. It’s the device that every manufacturer today is scrambling to catch up too and darn near even copy down to design and software. Clearly it will take YEARS for anything Motorola makes to compare to the Galaxy S family and Galaxy Note family of devices even with Goggle’s help.

    • Well.. If you give me a premium device like what Motorola’s been making in the hardware game and toss in Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie (nearly stock) a powerful quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 32 or 64GB of storage and a 3,300 mAh battery. All using a 4.7-inch 1080p display… I’d buy that over the S4 ANYDAY


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