Not only does Motorola want to keep us active, but they are staying plenty active themselves and today have just announced another update for their MOTO ACTV device. Announcing that it will be released worldwide and free starting March 7th bringing tons of new features to the Android-powered smartwatch.

The MOTO ACTV is more than just a smart wristwatch. From the image above you can see it’s also mountable on bikes and can do tons of different tasks. The update set to hit March 7th will bring even more features and functionality. According to the blog post from Motorola we can expect to be able to track performances and stats across over 40 new activities including yoga, Pilates, dancing and martial arts to name a few.

The update back in December brought new clock faces, stopwatch support, and increased battery life severely. We can expect a few more improvements to overall performance and battery life with this upcoming update as well. With the option to track yoga, Pilates and all these other new activities we’ll need all the battery life we can get.

Other changes include being able to activate the display by the flick of your wrist, and even enable and change WiFi right on the device. Stay tuned for more details on the impending update.

[via Motorola]