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Motorola wants to keep us moving, new MOTOACTV update March 7

Not only does Motorola want to keep us active, but they are staying plenty active themselves and today have just announced another update for...

MOTO ACTV update brings stopwatch, new clock faces, and 8 hours battery life

For those that remember or own the MOTO ACTV we have an exciting update to tell you about today. Motorola is all set to...

Motorola MotoACTV hands-on [Video]

The new DROID RAZR wasn't the only device Motorola had in store for us today, they also announced a new Android device called MOTOACTV....

Motorola unveils MotoACTV “the ultimate fitness device”

We are live at the Moto event in NYC and while we are still waiting for the juicy DROID RAZR details they have unveiled...

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