Motorola likely surprised a few when they announced the Android 4.4 Kit Kat update had begun rolling out for Verizon Moto X users. In this case, that means Big Red is pushing an Android update even before some Nexus devices are getting it. Shock from Verizon aside, Motorola has also offered a bit of an update in terms of Kit Kat coming to some other handsets.

What we are seeing comes by way of the Motorola support pages and unfortunately, these updates aren’t beginning today. In fact, Motorola hasn’t even offered a timeline as to when we can expect them to begin. But still, we suppose those carrying any of these handsets will be happy with the initial news.

Without any further adieu, the list includes the DROID series of devices available with Verizon Wireless. This list includes the DROID ULTRA, MAXX and MINI along with the RAZR HD, RAZR MAXX HD and the RAZR M. The Developer Edition RAZR M was also included on the Kit Kat update list. Some of the other devices that are listed to get Android 4.4 Kit Kat vary by carrier.

Beginning first with AT&T and we have the Moto X and Atrix HD. US Cellular has the Moto X and the Electrify M on the 4.4 update list. Of course, along with the carrier variants of the Moto X that were mentioned, the Developer Editions will also be getting Kat Kat. Again, no mention of a timeline, however Motorola did mention earlier in the day that they would have “more Kit Kat for Moto X news to share on other carriers and countries very soon.”