Lenovo acquired Motorola earlier in the week and since that point, there has been plenty of talk in terms of what that means for Google and also what it means for Motorola and Lenovo. On the other hand, some of those who had been rooting for a full Motorola comeback seem to have shifted and are now worrying a bit. Specifically, it seems many are worried about what this means for the upcoming Motorola devices.

Well, while is seems fairly safe to say Lenovo will have some influence, that may not be happening in the near future. New reports suggest the follow-up to the currently available Moto X has already been designed. The folks at G4Games are referring to this as the 2015 Motorola lineup, but we should point out there hasn’t been anything to indicate when the successor to the Moto X would be arriving.

Further details here bring mention of how the 2015 Motorola line has been “already designed” and about how the lineup “allegedly consists of various devices.” That brings talk of the once rumored Xplay, which for those in need of a reminder — was the 6-inch phablet. Anyway, as with any unconfirmed reports such as this, we do have to remember that plans can, and often do change.

Again though, while Lenovo is bound to have some influence over Motorola, we aren’t expecting that influence to kick in just yet. While we wait to see how this all plays out, we are curious to see if this Motorola acquisition will help Lenovo become the global player they are striving to be.

VIA: G4Games, Weibo