Yesterday we mentioned that Sprint was making some changes to its network with the phase out of iDEN and some updates for PTT users. At the time we figured Motorola would be the company offering the new PTT handset. A rumor surfaced today that Motorola is in fact in talks with Sprint on a new PTT rugged Android smartphone.

According to sources cited by AndroidGuys, Motorola has specifically noted that the device will be for Sprint. What exactly the phone will look like and what it will offer spec wise isn’t known at this time. whether the device will be a feature phone or what is speculation at this point.

It’ wouldn’t make a lot of sense for Motorola to cram Android inside and then not take advantage of all the things it can do as a full smartphone. This should be a handset popular with users out in the field a lot that need PTT to stay in touch.

[via androidGuys]