Over the last year, now Google-owned Motorola Mobility has been caught up in a variety of patent issues involving alleged infringement of Microsoft and Apple patents, many of which have since been upheld by various courts. Motorola has lost several counter-lawsuits in the ongoing debacle, resulting in injunctions, but has left the gadgets on its website. It seems, however, that the company has pulled all but two of its Android devices from its German website.

As of earlier today, all Android devices, including tablets, have been removed from Motorola’s German website, with the exception of two Android smartphones: the RAZR HD and the RAZR i. Neither the RAZR i or HD are available in Germany yet, leaving consumers with a paltry catalog of options at the moment. Motorola has never had a particularly substantial Android offering, providing mostly low-end smartphones and tablets with moderate specs, such as the XOOM 2.

Although it seems that Motorola is suffering heavily in the ongoing patent wars, it should be noted that its previous device offerings have been less-than-stellar, and the company has never been particularly popular in Europe. The two smartphones still listed on the German website are both higher-end gadgets than the company’s usual offerings, which have been marred by poor specs, low-end hardware, and other issues. This catalog of poor devices has caused Motorola to continually suffer in the European market.

The purge of Android devices, including the variety of low and mid-end smartphones and tablets, gives Motorola a chance to pull itself up out of the dregs in the European market. The company has the opportunity to change its popular image as a purveyor of mediocre gadgets by heavily promoting its two currently available smartphones while ensuring that future phones and tablets are of a higher quality than in the past. Over time, assuming Motorola focuses on offering higher-end devices, this debacle can end up aiding the company more than it has harmed it.

[via Android Police]