When Motorola and Verizon showed off the DROID RAZR MAXX way back at CES, plenty on international readers wondered, “OK, so when do we get it?” If you happen to be situated somewhere in Europe or the Middle East, the answer is, “May.” Motorola announced that they’ll be bring the extra-long battery life and charming design of the RAZR MAXX to those territories, minus Verizon’s exclusive DROID name and 4G LTE connection. Just like the Motorola RAZR, it’s basically a GSM version of Verizon’s phone that’s unlocked as far as carriers go.

The RAZR MAXX is a phone worth waiting for. It’s essentially identical to the DROID RAZR: same 4.3-inch AMOLED display, same 1.2Ghz processor and 1GB of RAM, same 16GB of integrated memory plus however much you can add via a MicroSD card, and the same (sigh) Moto-flavored version of Android Gingerbread. The only real difference – hardware and software – is that the backplate is enlarged to allow space for an enormous 3300mAh battery, the largest of any current smartphone. Even with this feat, some remarkable engineering keeps the RAZR MAXX at just 8.9mm. For a practical demonstration of the MAXX’s long-lasting battery prowess, check out our three-day business trip torture test.

For a more technical and figurative example, check out the Verizon video below:

There’s at least one extra feature that the international version of the MAXX will probably get: an unlocked bootloader. Verizon’s draconian policies keep both US versions of the phone locked down tight, but Motorola allows other versions to be unlocked, much to the pleasure of modders and custom ROM developers. The Motorola RAZR is scheduled to get an Ice Cream Sandwich update sometime this quarter, and since the phones run on identical software, that means the MAXX may be running ICS not long after it’s introduced.

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