Good news for anyone who’s bought the Motorola RAZR, the international version of the DROID RAZR: you’re getting a software update! Bad news: it’s not Ice Cream Sandwich. Though it’ll be anywhere from several weeks to two or three months before Motorola charitably gets around to putting the latest version of Android on its flagship machine, regular maintenance updates are continuing. The latest version (SPU15) can be accessed from the Settings menu and applied manually for users in the UK, France, Spain and Italy. If you’re not in a hurry, it should pop up automatically sometime in the next few days.

Among the standard tweaks, bug fixes and minor enhancements, Motorola has added more Smart Actions, better syncing options and a revised Settings menu that should be easier to navigate. Motorola’s custom Smart Actions triggers are extended to include text messages, the WiFi connection, VIP callers, calendar updates and sound effects. Other small changes include tweaks to improve camera performance, increased battery life and a small security patch from Google.

The update hasn’t rolled out to other territories yet, but with the exception of the United States it should reach most carriers within the next few weeks. US DROID RAZR owners will probably see these enhancements as part of a seperate update eventually; Verizon tends to bundle big changes into large software packages that are sent out infrequently. Motorola has committed to an Ice Cream Sandwich update for the international RAZR in the second quarter (i.e. “sometime before June 30th”). In the US, the DROID RAZR is still up in the air, likely waiting for some confirmation from Verizon – though we’ve already seen that Moto’s working on the software itself.

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