Motorola Razr foldable phone

We are not sure about Motorola’s plan for the Moto RAZR 2 but the original Moto Razr foldable phone is still available in the market. A new phone won’t be out until next year but good news, the first release is about to get an update. Actually, it’s now ready from Verizon. Android 11 is the latest software update and is ready to optimize the performance of your phone. As with most updates, this one also brings the newest security patch levels and fixes to several issues and problems.

As recommended, it is best if you are connected to a reliable WiFi network or Verizon wireless network. Battery must be full before you start the update. This System Update 11 was officially released last August 13. It delivers July 2021 Android Security Patch Level and software RPV31.Q2-62-7-10.

Android OS 11 brings better privacy settings, new and improved ways ways to manage conversations, plus more advanced powerful device controls. You can set one-time permissions for data sharing and apps that require access to your location, camera, or mic as this is safer.

Android 11 also adds Conversations and Chat Bubbles. These features let you communicate better with people that matter to you. You can manage all conversations in one place even if across multiple messaging apps. You may choose contacts you always chat with for easier access.

With Android 11, you can also now control your connected devices in one location, thanks to more streamlined device and media controls. With your Android 11 phone, you can control smart devices like dim lights or set temperature.

Back in April, we noted the Motorola RAZR 5G would receive Android 11 OS update. We’re expecting future updates will still be released.


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