Late last year Motorola launched their first 4G device on the Now Network in the Motorola Photon 4G. Powered by 4G WiMAX and even rocking a kickstand similar to the popular original EVO. While the phone might not have seen the same success as the EVO, they are apparently preparing a sequel to the phone and will run on their new 4G LTE network.

According to tips received at PocketNow Motorola is working on a follow-up device that will have better specs like a 720p HD display, be super thin, and obviously use the new 4G LTE network. The Now Network has been choosing some terrible names for devices lately and this appears to be no different. We are hearing it will be called the Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE. What the Q stands for is anyone’s guess (possibly quad-core) and really just LTE in the name would be plenty.

You can expect a similar form factor to the original Photon 4G, a dual-core processor, the kickstand will most likely be included, and if it turns out like recent Motorola phones it could be super thin like the DROID RAZR. With LG and Samsung releasing 4G LTE phones for the newest LTE network in the US the past week and HTC’s coming soon, we can expect something from Motorola soon but have no additional details at this time. More details on the original can be seen below.


  1. I purchased the original Photon and while I thought it had all the possibilities to be a great phone Motorola ruined it with no support and bugs throughout their UI layer. I moved on and will not buy another Motorola phone.

  2. I’ve been quite happy with my Motorola Photon. I know that when they were first released there were bugs (as with most newly released devices). These issues were resolved with updates within a couple of months. Since then, it has been a boon companion everywhere I go. The many radios in this device all get exceedingly good reception. I’m a bit disappointed that Sprint has already announced EOL on this device that isn’t even a year old, but I do understand their reasoning as they move away from WiMax with their Network Vision LTE rollout. I look forward to the LTE Photon.

  3. Motorola used to have a smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard on it called Motorola Q.  Originally released in a silver color on Verizon it was released in black on Sprint.  It was followed by Motorola Q 9 for GSM providers and even later followed by Motorola Q 9c for Sprint.  Verizon got a revision of the 9c called Motorola Q 9m specially designed for multimedia.

    My guess is that the “Q” line might be coming back.  Popular TV show Star Trek has a weapon called a “photon torpedo”, as well as a character that goes by the name “Q”.


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