So there’s this device called PHOTON 4G, a Motorola device that we’ve got a full review of and have been playing around with for about a week or so. It’s got several awesome docks, the ability to work with Motorla’s newest Webtop mode, has a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, and feels really awesome to hold with its special diamond shape. Now we’ve gotta root it, right? Every great device such as this needs a bit of the ol’ root. So what do the folks at XDA do? They find the most convoluted and insanely difficult process possible!

Welcome to a giant amount of steps toward the rooting of your device, the newest look at a dual-core device toting NVIDIA’s dual-core processor. You should know that the predecessor to this device, the Motorola ATRIX, has just been given Gingerbread – which one will you choose now?

0. Instal SSHDroid from the Market
1. Open SSHDroid, and make sure it is listening on port 2222
2. Connect Photon to HD Station
3. Connect keyboard and mouse to HD Station
4. Connect HDMI to HD Station and TV/Monitor
5. Turn TV/Monitor on
6. Change TV/Monitor input to HDMI
7. Open Firefox in webtop
8. Download and save to /mnt/sdcard/download
9. Download and save to /mnt/sdcard/download
10. Go to
11. Open it instead of saving
12. Extract pulse.tar to /var/tmp
13. Connect to phone via ssh at ip address mentioned in SSHDroid and port 2222
12. Type /var/tmp/pulse/pa_race
14. Type /system/bin/pm install /mnt/sdcard/download/Superuser.apk
15. Type mount -o remount,rw /system
15. Type cp /mnt/sdcard/download/su /system/bin
16. Type chmod 4775 /system/bin/su
16. Type mount -o remount,ro /system

Goodness gracious, great balls of steps toward being able to delete bloatware and overclock your system. How awesome do you think things are about to get? Do you think the PHOTON will be able to beat out the ATRIX because it’s a newer bit of hardware? Do you think the ATRIX will win over the PHOTON in sales because it’s carried by AT&T?

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[via XDA]