Word on the streets is that the brand new PHOTON 4G just announced by Motorola today (June 8th, 2011,) will have more than just your standard ATRIXish capabilities of desktop and multimedia mode, it’ll have a brand new manufacturer-created car dock. The PHOTON 4G is the newest NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core phone on the market, perfect for playing games and outputting video via HDMI – is promoting the in-car capabilities with an official dock a step too far into our all-the-time connectedness lives?

This phone is one that’s trying its darndest to stay in front of your face at any point in the day, no matter what you’re doing. It’s got a kickstand built in to it so it can stand at your desk when your preparing a salad. It’s got the ability to output media to your giant television via HDMI, it’s got more than one docking mode for media playing and data organization – and productivity, don’t forget productivity. HDMI works through the phone’s HDMI port by itself, or through the Multimedia dock – but what about this car dock?

While this isn’t the first time a car dock for a device such as this has been offered, it’s certainly the first time a manufacturer has been so forthcoming with the phone’s ability to work as a partner to you in the car. While your humble narrator has used smartphones to direct via spoken aloud GPS directions in the past, I’ve got to say that it’s never really seemed safe enough to have one’s name attached it it. Is the activity of using one’s smartphone in one’s car something Motorola should be pushing as a great idea? Time will tell!

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