Just hitting the wire is what our sources are calling the Motorola PAX. This will be a dual-core phone with a 3.5″ screen but also a dedicated hardware keyboard in a candy bar shape — no slider here. Basically this is an upgraded Motorola Droid Pro, or a Motorola XPRT we have seen it called as of late. To get an idea of the XPRT here is our full review.

This portrait QWERTY packing device will not only have a larger 3.5″ 480×800 display screen (original was 3.1 low res) but it will also pack a new dual-core processor but exact model is still unknown. This is headed to the carrier in Yellow but we don’t know if it will feature their 4G WiMax but we are hopeful.

Looking at the above image it looks to be a little thicker on the top end, but if this aims to be a true BlackBerry killer it needs to last more than an 8 hour day as RIM users are used to having great battery life. The Motorola XPRT (linked to above) we explain that it featured a 1820 mAh battery that lasted more than a day, so it’s fair to assume this will get the same treatment if not bigger.

Basically Motorola has taken the amazing keyboard from a BlackBerry and put it on a phone with a dual-core CPU and access to the best mobile OS of all times — Android. Now what business minded soul wouldn’t want that? We don’t have much else regarding this device but we should be hearing more soon, maybe we will learn what that odd blue button does.

[via thisismynext]