Today only, all Moto X orders via the Moto Maker website will include a special bonus. Build your own Moto X, and Motorola will throw in a free pair of SOL Republic Jax headphones and Motorola Skip. That’s a $60 savings, if you’re keeping track.

The offer is only good for today, and has a few caveats. As you probably know already, all Moto Maker orders are for AT&T devices only, so keep that in mind. Second, the free headphones are chalk white, and the Skip is plain black. The Skip will also come with Skip dots, which are basically NFC tags for you to place wherever you like.

The good part is, the two will automatically be tossed into your cart upon checkout, so you don’t even have to try for freebies! The downside, of course, is that you don’t get to customize your accessories.

It’s a great deal, and we can only hope this is a precursor to Moto Maker being opened up for other carriers. With the DVX and Quantum on their way as well, this could be a bit of a push to get more Moto X devices in the wild before some diversity hits the Motorola market.