We know many of you are excited about the brand new Moto X smartphone that was announced today, but many of you are probably wondering if you’ll ever see it outside the US. Today Google and Motorola confirmed all 5 major US carriers will get the new device in late August and early September, but what about other regions? Today we’ve just received some bad news for Europe, and other markets.

The Motorola Moto X looks to be a US exclusive initially, and to make matters even worse, the customization features are exclusive only to AT&T. That means all other carriers won’t be enjoying the same benefits. At least not right away. We’ve been told customizations will reach other carriers in Q4 of this year.

Motorola has confirmed that Rogers will be the exclusive carrier of the new X smartphone in Canada, which is good new for many, but we’re pretty sure those unlocked models will work on other network bands. However, many of you outside the US are desperately looking for details, and we’ve just received them. Android Community reached out to Motorola about a launch outside the US, and things aren’t looking good.

No immediate plans for Moto X in Europe but we have very exiting plans in store for Europe as part of the portfolio of products. Moto X is just the start!” – Motorola Europe PR

Now that doesn’t mean European carriers won’t be getting the Motorola X, this just means there is no immediate plans (at least ones they can announce) at this time. We could see it arrive sometime in September, but for now that’s up in the air. Interestingly enough he also mentions exciting plans for the entire “portfolio of products” and the X is just the start. We’ve seen the Motorola RAZR go elsewhere, so we’re assuming that’s where that comment was aimed, which is the new Motorola ULTRA and MAXX.

As soon as we learn more details we’ll share them, but for now things aren’t looking too good.