I know what Canadians want after hearing that Samsung’s Galaxy phones and tablets would be getting Ice Cream Sandwich updates soon – a big ol’ helping of Gingerbread, courtesy of Motorola! All joking aside, Canada is getting a unique mid-range phone that was previously available only to Europeans: the Motorola MOTOLUXE. this 4-inch fashion phone won’t set the world on fire, but it might make a decent mid-range unlocked pickup for those who want something a little better than entry-level.

The MOTOLUXE uses a 4-inch display to show off 854×480 pixels, with an 800mhz processor and 512MB of RAM powering it. Storage is limited to a single gigabyte, but naturally you can extend it with a MicroSD card, and you’ll want to if you plan on taking pics with the 8 megapixel camera. As indicated above it’s running Android 2.3 with a Motorola-customized interface, and I wouldn’t hold out for Ice Cream Sandwich any time soon. The body features a unique notification light in a recessed part of the case, below the navigation buttons.

Motorola was mum on the subject of price, but when the same phone debuted in the UK it cost the local equivalent of $413 (Canadian) unlocked. Carriers weren’t mentioned either, but the source tells that Virgin Mobile and Bell are the most likely candidates. The Motorola MOTOLUXE should hit Canadian carriers and retailers in the second quarter. For a better look at the phone, check out SlashGear’s hands-on preview.

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[via MobileSyrup]