The entertainment industry will soon be abuzz when the Golden Globe Awards take place this Sunday. Riding on the awards fever, Motorola is, for a very limited time, bundling a free Chromecast for every purchase of a non-contract Moto X directly from its online store.

Bundling the Chromecast with another, more expensive device isn’t new. Google has done it before with the 2013 Nexus 7. But whereas Google only offered Google Play credit when you bought both devices, which were still at full price, Motorola is essentially throwing in the Chromecast for free.

Motorola’s implied reason is in order for buyers to catch up with the Golden Globe nominees. Presuming all of those are available on the very short list of streaming sources officially sanctioned by Chromecast. Of course, after the awards, the streaming HDMI dongle will still retain it use, but it might take some time before the utopian scenario of streaming local content from your devices ever becomes a reality.

Those still on the fence about buying a Moto X, which by the way, has undergone a deep price cut, might want to think quickly if now is the right moment to give in. Simply use the “STREAM” promo code to avail of the free Chromecast for a $399 16 GB Moto X or a $449 32 GB version. This offer is available only from Motorola’s webstore and valid only until 11:59pm PST on January 14.

SOURCE: Motorola
VIA: Droid Life