What else could whet your appetite for a gadget aside from juicy hardware specs and sharp-looking or colorful designs? Why a video advertisement, of course! Knowing that not everyone will be so easily swayed by figures and measurements, Motorola released a number of ads that demonstrate what it really means to have a Moto X.

The video entitled “Quick Capture” demonstrates how easy it would be to quickly take photos. No more unlocking phones and fumbling around menus to launch a camera app. Presuming you don’t have wrist or hand problems, all you need is a few flicks of the wrist. The video also claims the phone will have fewer photo fails, allowing you to take and share more and more photos with the Moto X’s brand new 10 MP “Clear Pixel” camera.

“Always Ready” shows a less active example. It is so inactive that the whole video is about a man controlling his phone from the comfort of his bed with nothing more than his voice. Undoubtedly, the point of the video is showing off Google Now with voice control, and maybe with a bit of a hint about the fancy low-power context and natural language chips powering the Moto X.


But what seems to be the prevalent theme of all the ads is made explicit in the third video. Motorola uses the slogan “Designed by you” to refer to MotoMaker, a web service that allows buyers to design and customize their own Moto X phone. Users will be able to choose from a variety of colors for the front, back, and accents. It even allows users to enter a custom engraving for the back of the phone. While the service is free, it is unfortunately available only to AT&T customers. If you’re still on the fence about getting one, head on over to our hands-on review to check if it’s worth the price.

Source: Motorola