When Motorola had trouble with the Moto X Cyber Monday sale they pulled things back, reorganized and announced the one-day sale had become a two-day sale. The first of those two days happened last week, and the second is happening later today. Simply put, if you are still hoping to get a Moto X discount code — you will want to be ready at 12 noon EST.

The offer will be available direct from the main Motorola page and those visiting, aside from needing to be quick, will be registering for a coupon code. That code, based on the previous weeks sale, will arrive later in the day. From that point, users will then have a bit of time to make the purchase.


Similar to the offer we saw last week, this means users will be able to grab a contract-free Moto X at a $150 discount. Or in other words, you will be able to purchase a 16GB model for $349 or a 32GB model for $399. All that having been said, based on what we saw happen last week — those interested in getting a code will need to be ready and waiting.

We have yet to see any official word from Motorola, however based on estimates, the allotment of coupon codes went in less than 10 minutes last week. And otherwise, if you happen to have a code from last week that you have yet to use, you may want to start giving that some thought as those codes are set to expire at 11:59PM EST on December 11, 2013.