Motorola recently revealed a new logo, one that touts itself as being “A Google Company” and while that was interesting to see, it looks like we are now getting a look at that logo in action. The new logo will be appearing on a new advertisement set to hit newspapers on July 3rd. That advertisement is for the Moto X smartphone, though we will offer this warning right in the beginning — it doesn’t contain any images of the handset.

According to a AdAge report, Motorola will have this advertisement in a handful of newspapers to include The New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Motorola also appears to be setting things up for a message of freedom — timing this with Independence Day. In fact, the ad talks about how “tomorrow, you’ll eat burgers, watch fireworks and celebrate the freedom to be whoever you want to be.”


Perhaps key here, the copy in the ad goes on to talk a bit about the Moto X. Motorola mentions how this will be the first smartphone that you can design yourself. The other aspect with the timing of the release of this ad includes how the handset will be coming out of the USA. Motorola has said “this is just the beginning” and goes on to ask readers to “imagine what will be possible when you have the world’s best design, engineering and manufacturing talent located here in the USA.”


This ad is nice to see if for no other reason than it seems to imply we will soon be able to put some of these Moto X related rumors to rest. But with that in mind, there are still some important details missing at this time. As mentioned earlier, we have yet to see any official images of the handset. Another question is when the handset will be fully revealed. This ad closes by saying is is “coming soon” but reveals nothing more than that teaser.

As you can see from reading the full text of the ad (in the above image), the Moto X will be customizable. That of course is the other big question — just how customizable will the Moto X actually be? This ad doesn’t reveal any specifics, but we suspect this will include various color options. In the meantime, don’t forget this ad will be landing in newspapers tomorrow.



  1. im in my wife can have the s4 i will design my next device thank you google for taking open source to a whole new level


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