We’ve seen plenty about Motorola’s Lapdock offerings but until the recently released Lapdock 100 they were proprietary and only worked with a single device. The new Lapdock 100 and 500 will be universal and will work across all future top end Android devices from Motorola. We showed you a little about the Lapdock 100 during our Atrix 2 review but today its bigger brother the 500 has cleared the FCC and is on its way to store shelves soon.

During the Lapdock 500’s visit through the FCC it received a teardown and was even spotted with the beautiful new DROID RAZR. We have a few pictures to give you a better idea of what to expect from the new dock and there is plenty more from the filing itself. We even have some quick hands-on video of it below from the DROID RAZR launch event, check it out.

DROID Lapdock accessories video

[vms 481b589da52303b091cb]

Just like the Lapdock 100 the 500 runs Motorola’s Webtop apps, including Firefox, Facebook and tons of games and can function as a full out laptop (almost) or a phone with access to the market, your phones homescreens and more. With a webcam, additional battery life, 2 USB ports and more it gives you plenty of options that aren’t available on just a phone itself. Whether they are important enough to warrant the dock is up to you, the user.

It has a webcam, 6 rows of keys with a chick-let style keyboard and a large touchpad for controlling everything. You can see plenty in our video above as well as a few pics in the gallery below. Feel free to sift through the FCC filing for pictures of the innards of this device if that type of thing interests you. Once this larger Lapdock hits the streets I’m sure we’ll have it in for a full review so be sure and check back when the time comes.

[via Wireless Goodness]


    • Update, March 2012: Bought a brand-new-in-box dock for 110.00 w/ free shipping on eBay; it’s not an odd occurrence, now is the time to buy. I happen to love mine.


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