We were excited at the thought of the Kore that was tipped in a bunch of domain registrations a few days back. We hoped the Kore was going to be a new tablet. The cat is out of the bag now and we know for sure what the Kore is, and it is not a tablet. The Kore is a fitness gadget that sits on a watchband and monitors things about you and your workout.

The Kore is called an all-in-one fitness gadget and music personal fitness device. It’s basically a wearable media player featuring GPS with some specific apps for tracking things about your run like speed, heart rate, and more. The device will track all sorts of activities including cycling and more.

The device might lose the Kore name when it launches though with some scuttlebutt that it will be called the MotoActive. Along with the trademark filing for the Kore is also a listing for something called Energia. We don’t really know what Energia is at this point.

[via SlashGear]