After the Motorola Calgary was tipped as being Verizon’s first Android device yesterday, there’s now talk of a second handset from the company running the Google open-source OS.  The Motorola IRONMAN – the name of which could be a codename or a final product name – is believed to be a portrait-orientation slider with a pull-down QWERTY keyboard.

Full specifications for the IRONMAN are unconfirmed, but it’s said to be feature-packed with 3G, WiFi and a high-resolution camera.  We’d also expect it to have a touchscreen display, though there’s no telling exactly what size it might be.

The image pictured here has some glaring issues, not least of which are the blanked out buttons underneath the screen.  It looks as though someone has simply pasted a colored block across the original keys.  The image also appears to have been stretched horizontally, with the Motorola logo showing distortion; plus, the on-screen image is tipped to be a fan-mockup of Windows Mobile.  Looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to know exactly what the Motorola IRONMAN may actually look like: it’s expected to be released by the end of Q3 2009.


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