Although we’ve seen Motorola i1 for Sprint, Canada will now be able to get their hands on this rugged push-to-talk device. Canada’s Telus and the Mike iDEN network will be providing coverage for it. And for those of you who need two-way PTT communication and a tough phone for the workplace, the Motorola i1 is the perfect device for you.

Just to recap some of its features, the Motorola’s i1 has a 3.1-inch HVGA touchscreen, a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Android 2.1. It also features preloaded software, like a mobile timesheet, construction calculators and a concrete mixing calculator. Telus will be offering the Motorola i1 for $149 with a three-year contract. Unfortunately for you Canada, it’s not showing that it’s available through Telus online yet, but as most devices do, it will pop up soon enough so be sure to call around and find out where you can get one today.

[via IntoMobile]