Boost Mobile has officially announced the Motorola i1. This Android powered handset will be available on June 2oth. Boost Mobile is a contract less prepaid wireless company, this will be the first Android handset on such a company.

Motorola i1 Features

* Touchscreen smartphone powered by Android™
* 5MP camera with autofocus, flash and video
* Wi-Fi capable
* Access to Email Exchange, Gmail®, MSN®, Yahoo!® and more
* Instant Messaging (Google Talk™ preloaded, supports additional messaging clients via download such as Yahoo!®, AIM® and more)
* Nationwide walkie-talkie
* Opera Mini 5 & Android browsers
* Stereo Bluetooth® capable
* 2GB microSD card (supports up to 32GB)
* GPS enabled
* Optional SWYPE™ virtual keypad

It runs Android 1.5 and has a 3.1 inch touch display. Boost Mobile offers unlimited voice, text, and data plans for only $50 a month. There is no subsided version available, you can buy the i1 for around $349.99. You won’t be tied down to a 2 year contract so if something better comes out there is no early termination fee to pay.

[via businesswire ]