Whether you’re a student, a professor or even an alumni, Motorola is giving you the chance to get their new flagship, the new Moto X, at a discounted price. The phone, along with the other recently announced Motorola products are available for pre-order starting September 16, and as long as you have a .edu email address, you will be able to get $50 off their flagship smartphone.

The Moto Maker site tells all those who have a valid .edu email address to “show your college colors while saving some green”. Those who are interested in pre-ordering the Moto X at a discounted price of $449.99 will need to fill up the short form on the site and input their college-related email address to be able to receive the promo code that they will be getting if the info they give is valid. Of course, this promo cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts that Motorola may be offering,

The Moto X, which will be available through AT&T, is considered a much better upgrade from the previous Moto X which also received rave reviews at the time of its release. It will be running on a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor and will sport a 5.2-inch screen with a 1080p resolution. Except for its back cover, it’s metal all around for the new Moto X, with its aluminum frame, metal accents in the grill and a large Motorola logo at the back. It will be retailing for $499.99.

The discounted new Moto X for .edu email holders will not be under contract with any carrier. One promo code will be issued for each email address, so if you’re thinking of buying a lot of discounted smartphones and selling them at regular price (or higher), Motorola thought ahead of you. For more info regarding this promo, you can visit the Moto Maker page.