Just as I’m sure many of you like to do. We here at AC love to see all the great work the dev’s over at XDA Developers do. Today I have some news about a very nice Port for the Motorola DroidX and the Droid 2. Over in the forums they’ve built a nice Gingerbread Themed ROM using the SDK. So all you Big Red Moto users don’t have to wait for an Official Gingerbread OTA. Get your Gingerbread now.

Whats Even more exciting is you can add as much, or as little of the “MotoBlur” UI as you’d like. This is basically a stock Android 2.2.1 build that has been themed very well to look, act, & feel like Gingerbread. It looks great. If you’d like to know more or see how this port has came along you can read here where we told you about this Rom back in December when it was first getting off the ground. As always with flashing a Rom or any zip, be careful and do a nandroid backup first. They are lifesavers. I will mention the DX & Droid 2 are some of the easiest phones to brick so as always, Use caution.

Installation Instructions:

Note: Users coming from 1.3.1 may be safe to keep data and cache. If there are problems, then factory reset.

-Uninstall updates to Market, Gmail, ADW Launcher, & Search if they’re there under Settings->Applications->Manage Applications first.
-Place file on your sdcard. Bootstrap recovery and reboot recovery
-Select Factory Reset (delete data/cache)
-Return to previous menu and install .zip from sd card
-Choose ApeX and install!

Download Links:
Droid X v1.4.0
Droid 2 v1.4.0

[via XDA Forums] — Thanks Dino!