So Gingerbread has been announced and, as expected, we have not heard any dates for our current devices to be getting the update. We know that we won’t see them for quite some time after the Nexus S launch, but many are eager to get the much anticipated Gingerbread OS on their devices.

You no longer have to wait. For users with a DROID X with root access and have experience with the rooting process, including flashing ROM’s, you can get the unofficial Gingerbread port for your device right now.

Installation Instructions:

Note:Uninstall updates to Market, Google Voice Search, Google Search Bar, and Gmail if they’re there under Settings->Applications->Manage Applications first (1.2.1 upgraders only)

  • Place file on your sdcard. Bootstrap recovery and reboot recovery
  • Navigate to mounts and storage. FORMAT data, and cache
  • Return to previous menu and install .zip from sd card
  • Choose ApeX and install!

Another option for installation would be to place the above file on your SD Card, install the ROM from ROM Manager, wipe your data and cache.

NOTE: It is highly advised that you know what you are doing before you attempt this process. Motorola phones are some of the easiest to brick and, if done wrong, you will end up with a broken device.

[Via TheDroidGuy]


  1. Too darned bad that this IS NOT Gingerbread. This is only a skinned version of a minor update to Froyo. Before publishing articles, try reading all the facts first. (It is a zippy skin though, with some bloat removed, worth it for some who just want different)


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