Earlier this week we mentioned that the Droid X would be starting the Android Gingerbread 2.3 update Friday the 27th. It looks as if this time the date given has actually came true, sort of. According to sources the OTA update for 2.3.3 Gingerbread is rolling out in what Verizon is calling a “soak test” or a test run to put it plainly. It looks as if a few users are starting to see the updates on their devices.

From what we are seeing the update rolling out is in fact Android 2.3.3 and not 2.3.4. It is the same version as earlier leaks but obviously a higher build number and should run plenty stable, but that is what the “soak test” is for. Hopefully no issues are found that will stop the update and it will go out to everyone.

We are not sure how fast Verizon is planning to roll this update out, past updates usually hit most devices within a week but this may be different if they are only pushing it to a select few first. We will follow the update and report back if anything should arise. Start checking for updates on that Droid X of yours and you might be a lucky one and get it tonight. Oh and don’t worry the leak above as well as this new version has already been rooted so fear not, hit that update button!

[via AndroidCentral]


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