This is still very much in the early stages so before you run over and give this a try make sure you read over the forum and what other users are reporting. According to our sources the Motorola Droid X2 has already got a working clockworkmod recovery thanks to the old bootstrap trick by Koush. Just like the original Droid X. This bootstrap app was found in what might be a random chinese forum but users are reporting it working great and some have already made backups of the stock rom and are ready to try new things.

I’ve been reading through a few posts over on XDA and most users are getting this to work relatively easy, but that is only for those that already know what they are doing of course. Motorola and their bootloaders are an entire different story but this method originally designed for the Atrix seems to be working fine for the Droid X2 as well.

Along with the bootstrap app they are reporting a custom rom you can flash if you are feeling on the edge this afternoon. This is still new and a work in progress but things should start speeding up now they have a working recovery and can back-up and restore with ease. Hopefully the Droid X2 gets some custom roms like CM7 soon just like the Droid X recently received. Check out the source link and feel free to ask questions over at XDA if you are feeling a little worried before attempting this.

[via Droid-Life]


  1. I used Droid 2 Recovery Bootstrap, Now my Droid 2 is stuck on the Motorola Logo, Dual Core
    Technology screen. All I can get it to do is go into the Recovery Mode. Is it possible to flash using the sd card? I’ve installed the usb drivers but my pc wont detect the X2


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