Today a custom ROM for the Droid X2 was made available. It’s still in beta but this is the first ROM for the phone. I say beta but from initial reports almost everything seems to be working great and it appears to be a pretty stable and well put together ROM. It has a pretty all black theme that looks nice without being overdone.

They’ve removed bloatware and added tons of performance enhancements to keep things moving along plenty fast for most users, as well as other improvements. I’m really liking the simple black UI enhancements too. This may not be CM7 but Droid X2 users should be plenty happy to give this a try. All the details are in the XDA thread.

Download: MinX ROM Beta

This is not for the light at heart or those that don’t know what they are doing. Getting custom ROM’s and root on Motorola devices is no easy task. You can root the phone using Gingerbreak. You can find bootstrap and clockwork recovery details here. From there you should know the rest of the way. As always use caution when doing anything like this, and my number one rule — always do a Nandroid. I always have a Nandroid so I can get back to where I started. For more details check out the full thread via the source at XDA.

[via XDA Forums]