Back a few weeks ago there was talk going around about the Droid X getting Android 2.3 soon, and then it got leaked. Soon after that you get people that want to test and run benchmarks and see just how big of a difference the version of Android can make. Now we have a little more confirmation on quadrant results.

Back near the end of March we had a few benchmarks for quadrant going up because of the Android 2.3 Gingerbread leak for the Droid X. We covered that and you can read about that here. Today is just more of a confirmation that the stock OTA official Android 2.3 Gingerbread update that is currently rolling out does indeed almost double your score.

Leaks sometimes aren’t finished versions, or have been tweaked so you never know exactly what you will be getting, or if it will be different when final builds drop. Usually they are pretty similar though. What we have here is a Quadrant score that is even higher than the leaked builds were getting. 1900 stock on the Droid X with 2.3. That looks pretty good to me, if you have not got that Gingerbread update for your Droid X, start hitting that update button.

[via PocketNow]



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