The impressive new Motorola DROID ULTRA and MAXX appear to be shipping already. When Moto announced pre-orders late last month alongside the August 20th release date we knew when it would arrive all along, unlike the HTC One, and now we’re hearing they’re shipping early. After ship dates slipped due to overwhelming demand, it appears a few of you could get the device as soon as tomorrow.

Earlier this week we saw the “ships by August 20th” status over at Verizon Wireless’ online shop move to the 27th, hinting at a possible delay or just sold out status online. We later confirmed with Verizon themselves the device will indeed arrive on the 20th. For those curious, that’s early next week.

Thanks to a few of our reader comments we can now confirm that pre-orders have started shipping today for the DROID Ultra and DROID MAXX, and some are even receiving delivery estimates for the 19th. That’s Monday. It is plausible that anyone who chose overnight shipping could receive it tomorrow, but we’ve yet to receive any reports. Drop us a comment if you do!

The 5-inch 720p DROID Ultra is quite the smartphone, even though we only have a dual-core processor, and the MAXX promises 48 hours of battery life. If you haven’t ordered one yet the shipping dates have slipped to the 27th, but you can still get one in stores starting Tuesday, August 20th. For more details to help you decide check out our DROID Ultra hands-on coverage.