In cased you’ve somehow missed it, we are live at the NYC Motorola event where they’ve just announced the new DROID RAZR. You can see the official announcement here, and our hands-on pictures and videos by clicking here. Sadly we can now confirm that the Motorola DROID RAZR will indeed have a locked bootloader.

What makes things even worse, is they’ve opted for a non-removable back and battery. The phone does come with 16GB internal storage and now the micro-SD slot is neatly placed on the side next to the micro-SIM for 4G LTE. So not only will rooting and hacking be extremely tough, but those taking the journey can’t do battery pulls if something goes wrong like many have needed in the past. We have confirmed with multiple Motorola reps here live in NYC that the bootloader will remain locked. I was hoping they’d be changing these policies eventually — but it appears that wont be happening any time soon.

The Motorola DROID RAZR with Verizon 4G LTE is an awesome phone through and through, but I’m still sad to hear that it will be extremely locked down, and now that we learned the battery is too I’m even less excited. This might not be a big deal to many, but for the modding and hacking community this is a big issue and problem and while HTC has fixed it, Motorola shows no signs of change. What does everyone think? Is this a deal breaker or were you planning on getting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus anyways? We’ll have plenty of coverage of that device tonight so stay right here at Android Community for the same great coverage and hands-on.

Update: Motorola has also confirmed the bootloader to be locked over on Twitter, but sadly they blame Verizon. We did talk to a rep at the event in NYC and were told the device was “unlockable” at first but was later locked down at Verizon’s request. The international Motorola RAZR may see an unlocked version, but that was not fully confirmed nor denied.

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    • I’m out. Bootloader can be overcome but with out the removable battery, I’m no longer interested in this phone.

      I don’t believe Verizon has anything to do with that decision as HTC allows their bootloaders to be unlocked even on Verizon.

      • Motorola already said the RAZR and Milestone 4 will have an unlocked bootloader option at the discretion of the carriers. Verizon is refusing to carry unlocked ones.

  1. Locked bootloader doesn’t concern me as much as the non-removable battery. I’ve done so many battery pulls with my X2 prior to 2.3.4. What the hell does a person do when their phone locks up? It WILL happen, especially when you’ve got the capability to side load apps.

  2. Motorola only makes shit … this will give stillborn! Android is the max because of its freedom,roms alternatives they go and do such a thing? against all previously announced

  3. The bootloader is not a dealbreaker (prolly impacts 1% of users). But the non-removable battery is quite a tradeoff. Is that worth 3mm?

  4. Without the ability to remove the battery?  I’m pizzed!  I am on the run all day, and a extended battery is a must.(I dont care how long they say it will last, it never does…)  This was going to be my next phone, but my decision just got easier.  Way to go with this one, piss off the techies who want to open her up and have a bit of fun, then piss off all the rest with the battery.  Better make it in pink, cause I think only women are going for it.

  5. An LTE phone with a locked down battery. How stupid is that? I’m leaving at&t for Verizon and paying an early termination fee specifically so I can use LTE . I don’t care what Moto says this battery is not going to be enough. This is a shame because the phone looks nice and appears to be very responsive.

  6. Android users don’t like being locked down and limited. No locked batteries for this Android users. My next phone will be the Sammy Stratosphere unless VZW brings out a super-duper LTE, keyboard phone with a removable battery in the next eight months.

    • Motorola had always been bad enough to act like they’re in iphone’s shadow and need to compete with it, instead of do better than it. They (motorola mobility CEO) probably think “oh, we’re doing what the iphone does” or some other garbage.

      That was literally their reasoning for putting the xoom at ipad prices and trying to price out phones at iphone prices, too.


    the droid bionic had a MESSED up pentile display
    The iphone 4s has only 512mb ram
    The galaxy nexus does not have the exynos chipset
    The razr has a locked bootloader and non-removable battery
    The galaxy s2 is not on verizon


    The perfect smartphone (please create)

    960×540 4.3inch Super AMOLED PLUS display NON-PENTILEdual core 1.2ghz exynos chipset powersgx543mp2 gpu1GB DDR28mp/3mp camera4GLTE2000MAH Removable batteryHDMI outPhysical side camera buttonMICRO-USB charge port

  8. Perhaps I’m naive but what happens if the phone needs a cold boot? Is there a little plug that lets you drain the all the power? Also when the battery finally dies and we all know it will, do they give you a new phone or what? Doesn’t sound like a very consumer oriented plan. I guess MOTO must have hired the PR guys from BP.

    • LOL @ PR guys from BP!  Inability to remove power is a deal breaker. Do folks ever need to remove power from an iPhone? I never hear about that.

      • You’ve gotta be kidding.   We’re talking motorola here.   There will be some kind of bug with the OS  after an update just as there was with gingerbread.  

        This phone will lock up and need a cold boot.    Unless there is some kind of reset button this phones going to piss off a lot of users when it locks up and can’t be used until the battery dies down.

      • If you happen to be near a computer with the correct android SDK installed, and you happen to have a usb cable, you can ‘adb reboot’

        Note: this will only work if USB debugging was enabled previous to the lockup.

        Other than that, you’ll have to do what i’ve seen iphone users do (and laughed at them), Wait until you get home and re-flash your phone with the RUU, and start over. Although, waiting until the phone is flat would be easier.

  9. The non removable battery is most likely a requirement to make the device as thin as it is.  The battery is probably a structural element in the phone.  I am worried about battery life as I have a 3000+ mah battery in my Droid Incredible which lasts >1 day with heavy use.   I think when my 2 year contract is up I will want a new phone anyway.   I’m going to try it for a week and as long as I can get most of a day with this phone, I’ll be happy and keep it.  I use WiFi most places I am anyway, the 4G is really just a novelty and is/will be a power hog.

  10. If there was one thing that Verizon and Motorola should have learned from the Droid X it’s that when it comes to Motorola phones with Android locks ups and battery pulls are the order of the day. 

    Why the hell can’t Motorola put some kind of hard reset button (thats recesed) on their andoid phones with the removeable batteries.   Otherwise we’ll have to wait for the battery to die down. From what I’ve read on the razr that could be a long wait.   

     Some mentioned a button pressing sequence to reset it.   That won’t work if it’s really locked up.

  11. What’s wrong with manufacturers these days? Sony, Nokia, Motorola all make phones that have non-removable batteries. Why do they have to copy Apple? Well, look like good news for Samsung – I’m assuming the upcoming S3 will allow user to change battery.


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