Motorola unveiled a host of accessories along with its new flagship phone today, at least a few of which should work with other devices. The DROID RAZR is getting the star treatment with a standard assortment of desktop and vehicle docks, plus a few extra goodies that we haven’t seen yet. Probably the most interesting among them is the new Lapdock 500.

The 500 is an expanded model of the equally new Lapdock 100, with a larger 14″ screen and a more spacious keyboard and VGA out. Though it wasn’t mentioned in the presentation, that should give it plenty of room for a larger battery as well. Just like the Lapdock 100, the 500 will work with all dock enabled phones from Motorola using the micro hdmi and USB ports on bottom.

The DROID RAZR will get two separate desktop docks, the HD Station and HD Dock. Both will support Webtop, though exactly how isn’t said – probably with an HDMI port. The Station will also have USB ports for expandability, and of course, both will charge the device via its MicroUSB port. A basic car dock is also in the works just like the Bionic and Atrix.

Motorola Lapdock 100 and 500 hands-on
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Interestingly, the DROID RAZR is getting some official external keyboard support via the Wireless Keyboard accessories. Two will be offered, one with an iPad 2 -style trifold cover and one without. It looks like both will have a pull-out trackpad, and they seem to be the same size as the keyboard you’d find on a 10-inch netbook. A gesture controller called the Smart Controller will also be available. All three will probably work with other Motorola devices.

More typical fair includes the Elite Silver Bluetooth headset, a travel charger and an external battery pack to supplement the DROID RAZR’s non-removable 1800 mAh battery. Prices have not been announced for any of the new accessories, but with DROID RAZR pre-orders beginning on October 27th, expect more details soon. Be sure to check out our hands-on from New York City.

Motorola DROID RAZR hands-on:

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