Verizon is expected to announce the new DROID lineup during an event scheduled for July 23rd. The invite teased how they would be showcasing “one of their most popular family of devices.” Of course, for that we look towards the DROID lineup. While Verizon has left things with that little bit of a teaser, the rumor mill is suggesting we are going to see a few new devices.

Specifically, it is looking like Verizon will reveal upwards of 3 new handsets. A few leaks are suggesting these new models will include the DROID MINI, DROID ULTRA and DROID MAXX. And well, it appears as if we are now getting a look at the back of one of those three device.

The image is coming by way of the @srcleaks Twitter account and showing what is said to be the DROID MAXX. There weren’t any details along with the image and as you have seen — it shows the handset with a black back that is sporting a red racing stripe.

Sticking on the topic of the stripe, it does seem suspect and we question whether this was added to the image or if it will actually be part of the handset. The one point we cannot overlook is that the stripe goes all the way to the bottom edge of the phone but stops at the cutout for the camera and doesn’t wrap all the way to the top.

Aside from the colors and stripe, the image is also showing the camera, flash and speaker along with the expected logos from Motorola, DROID and Verizon. Basically, the details one would expect to see. The interesting part about all of this is the fact that we have seen very few leaks and rumors. Or in other words, we have yet to really see anything in terms of the specs.

The one other leak that surfaced dealing with this announcement included a possible release date. It was said that Verizon will announce these devices on July 23rd and then have them available a few weeks later on August 8th. With that in mind, we will be there live when Verizon offers the official details.