We don’t have much as far as details on this but it seems as if Motorola may be bringing a Droid HD our way in the coming months. Some recently revealed photos posted up on Flickr show as being taken with a Motorola Droid HD. To make things even more interesting, all of the photos seem to be geo tagged from inside some of Motorola‚Äôs offices in Libertyville, IL,.

If you look right above the pocketnow watermark you will see what we mean, clearly stated as a Droid HD as well as having the same information in the EXIF data of the image. You might be asking yourself what might a Droid HD be? Hopefully it will be a beastly device with a 720p HD screen, either that or just a fancy name for marketing. If Motorola is working on a HD display that would best the qHD and Retina display I’d surely love to see it.

With all the stories of the next Google Nexus running a HD display and even leaks like the LG P930 Android phone with a 1280×720 resolution it appears like we are headed for some beautiful screens on our Android phones come real soon. Hopefully we here more on this in the next few days, or maybe it’s this secret Motorola Phone pictured recently.

[via PocketNow]