Thanks to XDA Forums member djrbliss, who hasn’t ever actually touched the Droid 3, found a nice and simple exploit that has allowed the Droid 3 to be successfully rooted. He has yet to unveil the full exploit used but he was nice enough to give everyone some instructions to do this on their own. No one click root here, this requires some ADB shell skills so make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Update: A simple to use 1-click-root method is now available here at RootzWiki.

They have posted a picture over on Twitter showing the screenshot app Drocap2 accessing and being granted superuser permissions so that is a good thing. The first thing that came to my mind when I read the Droid 3 had been rooted, is how easy could this same exploit be used to gain access to the upcoming DROID BIONIC. If this is indeed a simple exploit lets just hope Motorola doesn’t figure it out, or even worse delay the phone again to find it.

The instructions may not be extremely easy for the average one-click-root type user, others with more experience should be able to root their Droid 3 quite easily using the instructions provided. Apparently he was able to edit some simple to find proprietary Motorola code and achieve the root access. As always do this at your own risk, full details at the source link below.

[device id=444]

[via XDA Forums]