Now that this week as well as the past month we’ve seen every side and angle imaginable of the Droid Bionic how about we take a look at the inside. I’ve always wanted to inside of something that “rules all machines” and today thanks to the popular iFixIt we have a full teardown treatment of the DROID Bionic.

If you are one of the many that like to see under the hood and exactly what makes these smartphones tick then be sure to check out the full teardown. It’s actually quite interesting as well as helpful should anyone decide to teardown their own one day or need to repair anything themselves. Like most phones once figured out the process seems fairly simple, although I wont be trying it on my own any time soon. I did however root my Bionic already and you can do the same in about 3 minutes by clicking here.

After all of the waiting the Bionic is finally here, buy it now for $299 at Verizon or even $179 from Amazon. As always us amazing folks at Android Community already have a full review of the Bionic should you have any doubts on buying one or not. Apparently all you need is a screwdriver and a hammer to tear apart this superphone (kidding on the hammer).

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[via iFitIt]