In the familiar and usual iFixit fashion we have another Android device tear down. This time around the Motorola DROID 4 gets cracked open, and tore down to reveal everything under the hood of Motorola’s fourth DROID slider. From the CPU to the 4G LTE chip and more we can see everything and how it works from the images and details provided.

While teardowns are fun I’m not sure how many people would actually do such a thing and fix parts themselves. I’ve replaced a few Android screens and a hard drive on my old iPod Classic but that is about it. With the DROID 4 iFixit quickly reveals that this wont be an easy device to repair should you decide to try. In particular is the built-in QWERTY keyboard. It’s actually hardwired and built right into the motherboard. Most likely making the device thinner in general, but this also means you’ll be replacing the entire thing should that space bar fail at some point during the time you own the device. You can’t just replace a certain part.

Just like on the DROID RAZR, iFixit figures out that the battery is in fact removable, although it has huge warning labels on the top and seems to have some glue in place to help deter people from trying. We noticed the same thing with the original RAZR in this post. All the details, breakdown, and pictures are available from the iFixit full teardown link. Feel free to also enjoy the hands on and full review from our timeline of links provided below.

[via iFixit]