For a long while Motorola phones like the Droid2 and the Droid X were locked down pretty tight and unable to enjoy the wonderful things in Android like CM7. Recent breakthroughs have allowed CM7 to boot successfully on the Droid X and the latest news is the same magic will be going down for the Droid 2 and it will be officially merged into CyanogenMod soon.

If you haven’t been following @cvpcs on twitter you probably should as he’s been sharing all the Droid X and D2 news as of late. If you read the tweet I just linked to by cvpcs he mentions that the amazing dev work of @JBird_Vegas will be paying off and the Droid2 will get merged into the CM tree and become an officially supported device. That means nightly builds should be starting any night now.

To keep things easy just install Rom Manager for all your CM7 and Rom flashing needs and you will be good to go once the nightlys and the first builds drop for the D2. Are you guys excited? Because you should be, CyanogenMod is awesome but then you guys probably already knew that.

[via Droid-Life]


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