As Android 6.0 Marshmallow prepares to roll out to various devices and carriers this week, there are some OEMs that might find themselves having apps and services that will be rendered redundant by the new offerings from Google’s latest update. Motorola is one of those, and because they emphasize that their philosophy is to complement and not compete with Android, they announced that they are discontinuing some features, while integrating some into the new system once your device has updated.

Moto Assist is not being declared obsolete, but rather, some of its features are being integrated into Marshmallow. The new Do Not Disturb feature of Android is something that is familiar to Moto users since they’ve had it for some time now. But now instead of through Moto Assist, you can set it up through the settings menu so that your phone will keep quiet during meetings or when you’re sleeping. You can also now use the Talk to Me feature so your messages and will be read to you while you’re driving or when you need your hands and eyes free.

Meanwhile, the Motorola Connect Google Chrome extension will not be supported anymore, although you can still use it until November. They suggest (although they don’t really endorse) other 3rd party apps like Pushbullet to do the same functions. Motorola Migrate will also no longer be available once you’ve Marshmallowed already, although you can still use Migrate Android if you’re still on Lollipop at this time.

Other features have been integrated into other Motorola sections. Attentive Display, which dims your screen when you’re not looking, is now on Moto Actions. Moto Display settings are now in just one place, and when you’re on Marshmallow, you’ll have even more music apps that can be supported in the music controls. Motorola has announced already which of their devices will be updated to Marshmallow, but no specific date has been announced yet.

SOURCE: Motorola