Motorola is working on their own OS? What? Back that up. Several blogs are putting forth the rumor that Motorola’s friendship with Google is waning and that the cellphone manufacturer has been quietly hiring Apple and Adobe engineers with the aim of developing their own platform OS to compete with Android. The thinking is that Google is “shooting itself win the foot” with fragmentation problems, manufacturer support issues, and market saturation of so many Android phones, you can’t tell one from the other. Can this rumor really be credible?
We don’t think so.

Asked to comment, Motorola did not deny the existence of the project but re-affirmed its interest in Android. “Motorola Mobility is committed to Android as an operating system,” a company spokesperson said via email.

Now, the fact that Motorola is hiring people from Apple and Adobe is interesting. It’s really easy to see some strange Frankenstein-esque OS that’s as elegant as the iPhone but can freakishly and natively play Flash. And it’s easy to see how there are so many different Android products in the market that it becomes really different to tell one from the other in terms of performance. But creating a new OS to go up against two very seasoned platforms with vast app catalogs is extremely risky. Particularly when Motorola has been doing quite well with products like the Droid and Xoom thanks to the Android Platform.

Motorola may also be thinking of the next generation OS, years down the road when everything is linked to cloud. Sure, that could be. And with Google’s CR46 project, HPs webOS, it seems that everyone has their heads in the clouds. So why not Motorola as well? But seriously, we don’t think Motorola is going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Not by a long shot.

[via Information Week]