Oh you love that lovely dunkable Motorola Defy, don’t you? You’d never do anything to harm it, even if you could! You’d never – what’s that? You want to root it so you can go wild with it? Well then! Let’s get to work! User pedrodh of XDA Developer Forums has just the trick for you, in just seven easy steps! Or if you’re one of the lucky ones for whom disturkis4u’s simple one-step program works, by all means, do that one!

First, let’s try this one: disturkis4u suggests you find the app z4root by ryan in the Android Market – one click, permanent root, and done. If this works for you, be happy. Remember that it, and the following, are both roots though, and, like all sorts of messings around on your phone, can have damaging results. So be cautious! Pedrodh has another solution for you that includes the download of the following zip: http://www.mediafire.com/?kjee8aj22j9m5zj and a seven step program you can find over at XDA. Have fun!

[Via XDA Developer Forums]


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