If you woke up to headlines saying “Motorola is no more” or something like that, the OEM doesn’t want you to panic (if you did panic at all). An official statement from the company cleared up some misunderstandings about the rebranding, after Motorola Mobility CEO Rick Osterloh himself said that they will “slowly phase out Motorola and focus on Moto”, prompting people to interpret this as Motorola being no more and being swallowed up by Lenovo who bought out Motorola Mobility back in 2014.

An official statement from Motorola clarified that statement, saying that Motorola Mobility as a company will continue to exist and be part of the Lenovo smartphone business. But the product themselves will now carry the Moto brand as it is more “hip” in keeping with its market. Packaging will still carry the Motorola name to ensure legacy and tradition, which has now evolved into something both the same and new. It will not be used for marketing purposes though. That is for the Moto name and the batwing logo as well.

Another brand under that will be the Vibe, which is their other “hero smartphone product” and that will also have the Lenovo corporate branding. This is to show off that they are one of the tech companies that can offer the public “a complete PC = tablet + smartphone experience”.

So that should clear things up. Kinda. But the basic take-away is that Motorola Mobility is not going away (except for branding and marketing) but Moto and Vibe are the two brands that will be front and center. Plus, they will now be leveraging on the Lenovo brand as well. So does that make sense for you, dear readers?

SOURCE: Motorola


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