Lenovo announced at CES 2016 in Las Vegas today that will be slowly phasing out the “Motorola” brand name and bringing both the Motorola smartphone business and the Lenovo smartphone business under the Lenovo brand name. We can all remember that Lenovo bought Motorola Mobility from Google in 2014, and now the Taiwan-based manufacturer now wants to bring both these businesses under one roof.

“We’ll slowly phase out Motorola and focus on Moto,” said Motorola Chief Operating Officer Rick Osterloh in an interview at the CES conference in Las Vegas. Lenovo wants to use its corporate brand to unify the products – using Motorola’s Moto line for high-end products and its own Vibe line for budget devices.


Phones such as the hugely popular Moto X and the Moto G will most likely feature a Lenovo logo of some sort starting this year. Motorola’s iconic M “batwing” logo will still be used at some point, but we will have to wait and see what sort of execution Lenovo gives it.

Motorola is a very historic brand, and as such some people (like us) will be sad to see it finally laid to rest. Lenovo reveals that the Motorola will not be completely wiped out. It will most probably live on in some sort of corporate division or entity within Lenovo. But this is the reality we all face. Iconic brands – like Nokia, Motorola, and even Internet Explorer – come and go. We hope Lenovo does good to the Moto brand and keep it going for a long period of time.




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