Here’s a bit of interesting news added to this casual Tuesday evening. Back in August Motorola filed a lawsuit with the International Trade Commission against Apple for multiple devices like their iPhone and iPad. Many thought Motorola’s patent portfolio had a good chance against Cupertino, and many believe that is in part why Google snatched up Motorola. Today things have clearly changed.

Reports have hit the wire that Motorola has actually pulled back and withdrew their entire lawsuit against Apple in a new filing revealed today. Patent lawsuits and battles have been increasing as of late and I’m pretty surprised to see this — especially after what Apple did to Samsung last month in court.

According to The Verge, not just part of the claim has been dropped but the entire thing was withdrawn by Motorola. Recent court documents have claimed they’re no where near agreeing on anything, so it’s odd to see this sort of pull back. Pretty interesting right?

Motorola had a pretty good change against the fruit company, but now we’re not sure what’s going on. Some rumors are stating their claims weren’t as strong as they originally thought, then there’s the possibility of Google taking control of Motorola and wanting to get all their bullets ready for a bigger battle — no one really knows. There’s also been multiple rumors that Google’s CEOs and Apple’s Tim Cook have been having phone conferences and meetings to try and solve these issues, so this could be a direct outcome of those phone calls. Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak recently publicly criticized the patent lawsuits and we’re hopeful a different approach is in the works from all parties.

We’ll update once we hear more.

[via SlashGear]